Frequently Asked Questions

  • What night is league night?
  • League night is Tuesday with official tee-times from 3:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. If you have a 3, 4 or 5 some you can sign up each Tuesday (starting at 6:45 a.m. in person or 7 a.m. by phone) for a tee-time the following week. You will need ALL the names of the people in your group. If you are a single or two-some, just come on out and the staff will work you in to fill out another group.

  • When does the league start and how long does it run each year?
  • The league starts in late April and currently runs for 18 weeks into early September. See the latest schedule here.

  • How much does the league cost?
  • The current yearly league fee is $70 which includes prize money and your Iowa Golf Association membership including the GHIN handicap service. In addition, you are responsible for green fees each week at the course rate. Carts are optional. There is also an optional weekly skins game you can sign up for in advance at a cost of $18 for the year.

  • How is the prize money distributed?
  • Each league week there are $2 prizes for low net score, low gross score, high gross score, least putts, most putts, most pars, most bogies, most double bogies and most greens in regulation. In addition, each birdie receives $2, each eagle receives $10 and each double eagle receives $50. Each hole-in-one receives $25 as well as a keg of beer in the clubhouse for the members! Prize money ONLY applies to the 9 holes turned in on an offical league scorecard.

  • How do I fill out my league scorecard?
  • There are special league scorecards for the front and back 9's available each league week. Please remember to add up strokes, putts, greens in regulation and include first/last name legibly along with team name or number for each player on the card. In addition, ALL scorecards need to be signed, witnessed, dated and placed in the WGA box in the pro shop. A minimum of 2 league members need to play together for scores to count. Click here for an example scorecard. Failure to follow the above rules could result in the scores being disqualified for that week.

  • How do I sign up for the league?
  • In mid-March we send out an email with newsletter and online sign-up instructions to our current membership. The newsletter will also be available here on the website. Please contact any of the board members if you are interested in joining the league and they will make sure to get you on the waiting list and will answer any questions you may have. New members are always welcome as long as we have room!

  • Do you take online sign-ups?
  • Yes, we now offer ONLY online sign-up and payment. As a returning member you will receive an email in early March with instructions.

  • Is this a 9 hole or 18 hole league?
  • This is a 9 hole league, however, both the front and back sides are utilized each week and your team alternates between each side weekly. If you are an alternate you can play either side. For your score to count you are required to play with at least one other league member.

  • How are league handicaps calculated?
  • Handicaps are based on the last five of ten (nine hole league) scores, throwing out the high and the low. New player handicaps are established after the first nine hole score.
    See WGA Handicaps Explained for more info. In addition, the USGA Equitable Stroke Control system is also used:
    		9-hole League Handicap      Limitation on any Hole
    		4 or less                             Double Bogey
    		5 - 9                                            7
    		10 - 14                                          8
    		15 - 19                                          9
    		20 or more                                      10

  • What if I don't have enough members to form a team or don't want to commit to a team?
  • There is no requirement to be part of a team to play in the league. All the pin events, scoring prizes, etc... are distributed on an individual basis. If you do not want to commit to a team you are free to play as an alternate and are eligible for all prizes and pin events each week. The team concept is more for fun than anything. There is a "draft" each Spring in mid-April and if you want to guarantee all your guys are on the same team you could volunteer to be a captain, or talk to someone needing new guys and they may just pick you up as a group. Even if you end up on a different team than your buddy, you can play together each week if you want. Our team scoring is based on attendance and net scoring, not any sort of head-to-head schedule. The winning team members receive a plaque at the end of the year, but no prize money, that is all given away on an individual basis.

  • How does the team scoring work?
  •  · Two divisions - 9 teams per division.
     · 12 players per team.
     · On league night, teams play against all other teams in the league.
     · The total of the low 7 net scores per team are used.
     · Teams get 3 points for every team they beat and 1 point for a tie.
     · Teams get 1 point per player (show up points).
     · Maximum points per team on league night is 63. (51 for beating the other 17 teams + 12 player show up points)
     · Subs do not count for player show up points.
     · The 2 division winners from the 1st half of the season and the 2 division winners from the 2nd half of the season play each other on Playoff night for the league championship.
     · The same team can not win their division both halves of the season.

  • I see something called "Steak Night" on the schedule, what is that?
  • We usually have 5 or more steak nights during the year. Currently the steak dinners cost $15 and include an 8 oz. steak, 2 sides and 2 drinks. We grill the steaks ourselves and you sign up and pay the week prior so the course knows how many to plan for.

  • How does the Match Play tournament work?
  • You can enter the league match play tournament by including the $10 entry fee on your sign up form or by paying separately at the Spring Meeting. The Match Play Committee pairs the first matches at random, after that it is up to the individual players to arrange their own matches. Your WGA handicap at the time of the match is used. See the latest newsletter for more information.

  • I am a Senior, can I play from the Gold tees?
  • Yes, if you are senior over 65 years of age you can play from the Gold tees. However, you MUST declare your intention to play from the Gold tees at the beginning of the league year and play from them every league night.